Testing postponed

Due to the recent government lockdown announcement all upcoming testing days have had to be cancelled.

Refunds and emails will be sent this week to those who have a test booked.

As soon as we can get back up and running we will be back in a club near you.

Why take an antibody test?

Antibody tests detect the presence of antibodies of the disease, and can tell if you have been infected before – even if you didn’t have symptoms.

This is vitally important, as many people who catch COVID-19 are asymptomatic, and because symptoms can be similar to those of other infections.

Testing positive means you may have acquired resistance, while testing negative offers strong (albeit not definite) evidence that you haven’t had the virus.

Knowing your status can inform your decisions and help you manage your risk of infection – and that of those around you.

How accurate are our tests?

We only carry tests of the highest standards, certified and in conformity with official requirements.

Our rapid antibody tests have over 93% sensitivity (accuracy in telling if you have been infected before) and over 98% specificity (telling if you have not been infected before). Results take less than 15 minutes.

Our lab antibody tests have 97-99% sensitivity, and 99% specificity. Results can be picked up via your Immunity Passport after 3 working days.

How are tests conducted?

Tests are always carried out by professional phlebotomists – fully trained and certified.

For the finger-prick test, all we need is just two drops of blood, drawn from a finger prick.

The lab test is just like any other blood test you take at your doctor, where blood is drawn from your arm and sent out to the lab.

Track and prove your COVID health status

After picking up your result, simply record it in your Immunity Passport app to start tracking your COVID-19 status and infection risk. You can also log potential symptoms and other evidence related to the disease, and get recommendations on what these mean.

From now on, you can also use the app to prove your current status without sharing any personal identifiable information. Watch this video to see it in action.